One of the man’s most innovative and convenient inventions has to be the bike. With the combination of wheels, brakes, metal frames, and gears the bike converts energy into a very reliable and comfortable form of transportation. Many forms of the bike have been created since it’s first design in the 1800s. Here are some of the most notable ones who have helped enthusiasts over the years.


Brampton or Folding bikes

When it comes to transportation support with little space for storage, the folding bikes are the best. Not only do they provide the same productivity of a standard bike they also fold toward the middle of the bicycle frame in half! This allows the user to put their bike in tighter spaces like a closet or even big box once they are finished riding. The folding bike does appear different from most bikes with usually smaller wheels and an increased seat height since the wheels are 20 inches in diameter or lower.


Electric Bikes

Picture of clever cycles brompton or folding bikeWould you like to enjoy the pleasure of riding a bicycle without having to pedal as often for speed? Try the electric bike for such desires and results. This bike uses electricity as propulsion through the riding environment as well as the rider physical strength. With this combination of human and electric power, the rider usually can ride further distances without getting tired. These bikes usually have thicker tires for longer journeys and come with a battery pack which holds the electric energy for later consumption. These bikes are a crowd favorite for efficiency and appearance to bike owners around the world and very likely will linger that way for years to come. Even Lance Armstrong would love to use this bicycle if his legs got tired. The electric is by far one of the best means of transportation without a motorized automobile. To help you find a quality bicycles contact the professional Clever Cycles.


Family Bikes

Family bikes or tandem bikes are by far the best bikes when two or more people want to ride together. These bikes come with two sets of pedals, seats, and handlebars. This setup allows one or two riders to operate the bicycle! These bikes are perfect for friends, family, and the most frequent buyer’s couples. Family bikes are considerably longer than the average bike. This added length helps riders distribute the energy needed to ride evenly among both riders.


City Bikes

If you live in the city or highly populated metropolitan area city bikes are usually available for rent. These bikes are primarily lightweight, are all the same colors and designs as the rest of city bikes and has a fee for rental usage. City bikes come into great importance and convenience for areas highly condensed with cars and traffic on the roads. Sometimes these bikes can maneuver through the city faster than automobiles based on that fact. Some people like the lightweight bicycles so much they try and take them home. This isn’t such a good idea since most city bikes have GPS trackers in them. Some city bikes hold sensors as well which can lock the rear and front wheel from rotating. Without the rotation of the wheels culprits usually, leave bikes where they stopped working for workers to pick them up plus return them to the bike docking station.


Bike Trailers

Bike trailers are very useful because they can assist riders in hauling things. Small canoes, boxes, and even children can be toted using bike trailers! Coming in variety colors and sizes trailers can be customized to fit bike design and color.


Cargo bikes

For carrying large amounts of goods over a long distances cargo bikes are the best bikes to use. A designated area is set between the front and rear wheel which can be filled with many items and supplies. The cargo area usually has zippers on it to make sure nothing falls out during the ride.

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